18 Jun 2011


The main reason why I have not been able to be with a Bruneian Girlfriend, is because majority just can't handle the distance. I'm not trying to be some Stereotype, but met so many girls that has given me the same reaction about having a guy who will spend of his time away. I find it sad but true. I don't see why is so hard to accept the fact that some guys just gotta do what he gotta do to earn some money for a living, especially to provide for a family. Yes, it can get lonely. But remember that you'll both will be suffering and need to stay strong to be together. Sigh. Owh well. I guess its cause I havent met the right Bruneian that time.

So here I am now, with a girlfriend who lives thousands of miles away in UK, and we've been together for about 7 months now and I am still going. I'm not being unappreciative cause I'm not. I'm happy to have someone like her. Similar taste in anime, model collection, drawing and some good music. We're not all the same but hey its fine with me. She doesnt sulk and lets me enjoy my time with my friends, and thats 1 of the traits that I wanted in a girlfriend. Sure, being different in other ways makes it difficult for us but we're still holding up strong. I hope we'll keep this on for as long as we can, and work together to hold this unique of a relationship.

I love her to bit :)

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